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File Status

  1. Tick Mark
    It means the file is checkedout and someone is working on it.

  2. Green dot
    It indicates that you have the latest version of the file

  3. Yellow Triangle
    It indicates that you don't have the latest version of the file

Checking Out file

By default files cannot be edited as they are read only. To edit a file, go to pending tab and create a changelist. Changelist would describe what are we trying to change. So changelist is basically a container to group all changes together. Now right click on the file you want to change and add it to the changelist. We will notice that file icon is changed to red mark. This means that we have checkedout the file and working on it so rest of the users are also aware of that.

Submitting changelist

To submit changelist, simply right click on changelist and choose Submit. Now you can make modification to changelist description and look at changes you will do the server. Finally you can hit on submit.

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